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In this lecture I argue that Arnold was an early Literary Darwinist.  Furthermore, today's Literary Darwinists must become culturist, just like Arnold. 

"Absence," Arnold's Horror Poem Video 

"Mycerinus" tells of the rise and fall of a King in the despair of the modern, Godless, world.

Wang Bao's lecture on Matthew Arnold is not only an insightful and illuminating grounding in Arnold, but one of the finest lectures on literature Ive ever heard.  And, his students are first class. I am proud of them.  And, his culturist message of British gaining from taking pride in Arnold, is a gift of interpretation from the East to the West.  We should take it. 

Jack Buckby excellently summarizes Arnold's importance for today.

This 5-video message to the National Culturists Conference, conveys Arnold's political significance. 

Though not properly a video, this site has an interactive map that shows you where Arnold went on his American tour.